Us ★½

This was just disappointing, after watching the movie I feel like it would have been easier and more satisfying to gaze over the three minute trailer . I avoided anything about this movie so it wasn’t spoiled and yet I spent the entire time mocking the movie and predicting what would happen. And sadly my “as if” prediction given from the first scene ended up to be the “big twist”. I honestly think this movie was only publicised so much to avoid wasted money producing a film that yes is metaphorical but left a bunch of loose ends and was a waste of time. 
If I came into my house with a pair of scissors I wouldn’t be scared like it’s me?! like it’s a fairly equal battle worldwide not to mention I didn’t see one gun get used yet in so many countries ( ( eg, America ) people die of gunshot every day, these weren’t like zombies they seemed to die as people would so why not pull out those guns and kill the “shadow people” before they even get close to you, they are using noting but scissors like SERIOUSLY they have to come near you to use them. 
I’m going to stop myself on that topic before I go down a rabbit hole , but speaking of rabbits ... why the rabbits . Like firstly rabbit is a delicacy in countries so stop complaining also you have free rent in the subway so ? 
Which brings me to another problem , if people can just walk up and down that escalator why not just leave ? Like why complain about this horrible sewer life living like the mutants from Futurama when you just planned to leave and there was no actual problem with you going above ground and you take out some weird revenge on clones of yourselves that didn’t know you were down there. 
This movie is so far fetched and ridiculous and it makes it all the more disappointing that I predicted what the movie was unleashing correctly . 
I watched an episode of wife swap once and this lady sun gazed every day because she said it stops hunger , so they must have just had some old vhs tapes to live off down in the subway and been stuck repeating that show to the point they truely believed if they stood around the whole world with their hands joined that they could stop world hunger because that’s the most logical explanation for this ending.

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