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  • The Rocky Horror Picture Show

    The Rocky Horror Picture Show


    So I rewatched Rocky Horror Picture Show and it's taken me til now to assemble my thoughts as it has been breezing in and out of my mind ever since, confusing me with contrasting feelings. "I love it! No, I don't. Wait, I do! But do I though?"

    Gonna be honest I wasn't particularly looking forward to this, but a friend of mine and I are watching each other's top ten favourite films and this is one of hers. The…

  • Grace Jones: Bloodlight and Bami

    Grace Jones: Bloodlight and Bami


    Interspercing live concert footage from Grace Jones' latest live performance with snapshots of the great lady visiting her home and family in Jamaica, making phone calls to persons unknown, chatting with her predictably sycophantic entourage who agree with her every word like a brain washed cult, this documentary breaks every rule by providing nothing remotely fresh, interesting or educational on its subject.

    The live footage is unimaginative in terms of how it's filmed while everything else remains flat, unstructured, lifeless…

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  • The Color Purple

    The Color Purple


    Spielberg had to be convinced by Quincy Jones to direct this adaptation of Alice Walker's extraordinarily powerful book as he originally felt a director of colour would be able to relate more to the material. I can't help wondering what we would have been left with if Jones had been unsuccessful in his quest because Spielberg, I believe, was right with his gut feeling.

    The director also states this as his first "adult" film - and while that may be…

  • Under the Skin

    Under the Skin


    An utterly extraordinary and deeply unsettling masterpiece. Describing film as art is entirely expedient here as Scarlett Johansson's alien, disguised as a human, prowls the streets of Glasgow and the highways of Scotland in her van, offering to give lifts to men, her decision of offering these lifts are based whether the men unwittingly reveal themselves to be less likely to be missed.

    Stunningly adapted from Michel Faber's fabulous novel (which will fill in some unanswered questions you may have),…