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  • 7 Days to Vegas

    7 Days to Vegas


    Kind of a somewhat enjoyable film about a bunch of guys that started playing poker together, but as the group grew, so did the random bets. Kind of like if they made a movie about that group of snobs in RAT RACE if you know what I'm getting at?

    It took the entire film for me to realize this lead actor was one of the announcers of the World Poker Tour, which I used to watch all the time through…

  • American Pie Presents: Girls Rules

    American Pie Presents: Girls Rules


    I mean, I've seen all the studio films and all the direct to DVD ones already, so saw this hit Netflix, so why not right?

    I guess after the phase of straight remakes is nearing it's end, we are no seeing more of these gender swap remakes, where they take a popular film and change the sexes of the leads, sometimes the races even, and this is basically the original Pie's story, of four friends losing their virginities before the…

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  • Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory

    Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory


    I loved this book growing up and it really is one of the more perfect films from my childhood...and it was made 8 years before I was born!!!

    The kids are all fantastic and the ways they got them all were pretty fantastic. The music is great. The Oompa Loompa song is a classic. Discovering all this candy is such an adventure.

    But the real star here is Wilder. He is so good. At times he can be the warmest…

  • Stalker



    I have no idea who the director is and this will not be a dick licking review like all the rest.

    This is easily the most boring movie I have ever seen. Nothing happens. It's literally three dudes giving long speeches for the longest three hours I have ever sat through.

    There were times I begged for death or to go blind so I wouldn't have to endure any more torture.

    Forget waterboarding, just show our enemies this.

    I can't imagine ever seeing a worse film than this one. It made me long for the awfulness of.the Scary Movie films!!!