Don't Breathe

Don't Breathe

I knew as soon as someone posted a review yesterday that said this, Green Room and The Witch were all amazing. All three sucked.

This one had zero chance to be engaging. Three white trash thieves go to rob a blind man. So instantly, the audience loathes these people. Then of course the blind guy is a crazy ex-marine who we also hate. Then they all wanna harm each other.

Like what's the point? If you hate all four characters, then why do you care??

A lot of the scares are a character turns around or stands up, and the crazy blind man is right there. Not anything shocking if you've seen one single horror movie before.

And did I tell you how stupid these kids are? Somehow they go in thinking the blind man is just a father of a fallen marine, not a marine that had a daughter die in a car accident. Didn't thy google???

They make all the errors. Make noise when all he can do is hear you, leave him alive when they could have killed him off, leaving the dog around to keep attacking them, dropping weapons every chance they get, etc etc etc.

This movie is so F-ing stupid. It's 2016 people, you cannot be this dumb in a horror movie anymore. It's unacceptable.

If this shit passes as high level horror genre marks, then I'm just not a fan of horror films anymore.

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