Eternals ★★★★½

Gosh, I adore Chloe Zhao!!!!

Saw this yesterday, totally forgot to log it🤦

This is a divisive film and all opinions are valid!!!!!
Just putting that out there now👍

What this movie really achieved the best was scope and dialogue ❤️
This is a gorgeous film With amazing characters with something to say 🤩

My cast standouts were absolutely Imo Barry Keoghan and Angelina Jolie!!!!!!
Everyone is great(Kit Harrington has small screen time, but he is going to be in the MCU for a pretty long time with the character he’s playing, so that doesn’t really matter)

 Bill Skarsgård Does real good with the villain and I liked his design.

Great directing and screenplay by Chloe Zhao as well!!!

Highly recommended and hope you can find something to like in it 😁

And to somewhat quote the great @JacksonFleming:

Harry Styles,Daddy, I mean Harry Styles🤩

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