Nomadland ★★★★★

I have a lot of thoughts on the Oscar-

-Putting picture 3rd from last, And then ending on Frances Mcdormand and Anthony Hopkins(Both upsets) was really stupid on the Academy 🤬

-Nomadland losing Cinematography to Mank is in my top 10 worst Oscar moments ever 🤬

-In Memoriam was way to rushed

-Very Happy For Nomadland and it’s 3 wins❤️

-Frances is 100% deserving, But I’m not happy she won because I’m going to have to defend her against most of y’all forever 😪

Best performance of 2020 won an Oscar and I’m glad.
(bad placement though)

-Yay Yuh Jung-Youn!

-Yay Daniel Kaluuya!

-Yay Emerald!

-Yay Florian 

-Yay Sound of Metal

-All technicals good except Cinematography 👍

-The show overall was not the best🤷

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