Spider-Man: Far From Home

Spider-Man: Far From Home ★★★

The hate this movie gets is fully valid and truthful, But I personally enjoy it😁

Emmy winner Zendaya and Jack Gyllenhaal really makes this movie for me 😁

Tom Holland is great as always and the Visuals are amazing ❤️

The script is trash and some of the acting is questionable, But I find decent love for it personally 🤷

But I’m really glad this Director is directing Fantastic Four as he seems to at least know what he is doing😊

This is going to be something 🙏

I recommend this definitely 

Also,Here’s how I see it:
Best Spider man-Mcu
Best villains-Sam Rami
Best Romance-Mark Webb

My ranking:
1.Spider Verse🤩
2.Sam Rami😍

4.Mark Webb🤮

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