Jaws ★★★★½

This is a strange experience for me because I have always claimed this to be one of my all-time favourite films but, I could never remember actually watching it.

I must of have just always assumed that I had seen it, given by my strange connection to this film. Even after watching it, I’m still not sure if I have seen this before.

My strange connection being that I’m actually named after Roy Schneider’s character in this film. Seriously. I am genuinely named after Chief Martin Brody. But, your name is Brodie not Brody, you may say? About that, my dad admitted that he accidentally misspelt my name on the birth certificate, writing an “ie” instead of a “y”.

I'm actually quite proud that I'm named after such a heroic character in a fantastic film. It makes me want to name my child(ren) after a great cinematic character.

Frankly, no-one believes me that I am named after a character in a film. So, I'm not expecting anyone on here to believe me either.

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