A Bay of Blood ★★★★

Shudder dropped a handful of Bava so I’m finally catching up...

Gialli slasher (perhaps the first “slasher” flick) that definitely had heavy influence on Friday the 13th. The Bay is basically Crystal Lake. Sexed crazed free spirits get offed one by one. Throats sliced, faces slashed, bodies impaled, and there’s even some octopus action..... Amidst all the slashery gore theres a spiderwebbed family drama where everyone is fighting to get ownership of the beachfront property.

Side note/spoiler for opening scene.. I dug Bava breaking the norm with the crunchy glove POV shot that pans up to reveal the killers face immediately at the start. Only giallo off memory I recall breaking this trope.

Keep an eye out for the J&B 👀

I’m all for this Friday the 13th/Knives Out gialli mash up. Definitely looking forward to consuming more Bava flicks.

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