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  • The Favourite

    The Favourite


    best film ever made period. 

    can the other girls do this? no only this bafta winning film can 😌


  • Disobedience



    the lovesong scene..let me say thank you. thank you for making me smile while feeling the years of relentless desires and tumultuous emotions floating between ronit and esti. the atmosphere of the scenes leading up to this one and the ones following are awkward and stifled and hesitant. who makes the first move? is that even what the other one wants? how can they still feel this way after 19 years (yes i’m saying it’s been 19 years) apart? ronit,…

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  • Paddleton



    at the q&a after the film, we learned that there was no dialogue in the script. all of ray romano’s parts (and i think mark duplass’ as well) were improvised and did he do an amazing job. everything between the two men was natural and i felt like i was part of their story. never faltered from its path and soon the whole audience was sniffling and wiping away their tears. 

    i’m for films that move people, that turn on an emotion inside you you don’t normally think about. this did that for me.

  • Stand by Me

    Stand by Me


    kids always find the most truthful part of every situation they are in. it’s something remarkable to witness both on screen and in real life. i find it hard to describe how heartfelt this movie is but we are so lucky we get to have art that touches us like this. those friends we had when we were 12, we may never be friends again but we will always know much they shaped our lives as we started to understand…