The Big Lebowski

The Big Lebowski ★★★★★

-Phone’s ringing, Dude. 
-Thank you, Donny!

It’s so so perfect and is always gonna be my favourite film ever. I don’t think I’ve got another film that I love so much where I still manage to forget what the fuck is going on in the plot every time I sit down to watch it, I swear the Coens put a spell on this movie to make you, the audience, feel just as high as it’s protagonist. Everything is effortless. The cast was born for this movie, every scene is so animated and everyone’s performance is beyond brilliant. The pacing hits every beat perfectly — just when you feel like it’s about to lull, something new happens. It’s like the Coens know you’re losing focus and throw something new at you to make you more confused. Perfect movie, my classic comfort movie.

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