Sunset Boulevard ★★★★★

This movie has given me some regrets.

I regret not learning sooner about the magic of older cinema. I used to think why watch old movies - they're old! They're in black and white and the audio is grainier. And yet somehow, a black and white movie can be more colorful than a majority of color films to follow. A film with grainier audio can somehow be clearer than the movies of today. This movie struck a chord in me that hasn't been struck by a movie in a long time. I think it's some nostalgia that makes me begin to believe that the concept of past lives is nothing less than fact. I'm even typing this review looking like I'm some deep intellectual, when I'm just a 19 year old guy that's far from. What a weirdo I must be! I watched many films from this era and a few from even earlier, but this one's different. I think this movie is covered in gold.

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