All Too Well: The Short Film

All Too Well: The Short Film ½

Rewatched it to be sure I didn’t like it and yeah I don’t. Don’t know why she’s this hung up about a relationship from 11 fucking years ago. Like Jake I guess was in the wrong but I wouldn’t be this emotional about (probably cause I’ve never been in a relationship but that’s a problem for another day). People change but it seems like Taylor doesn’t. All the hate to Jake is just Taylor Stans being mad because someone broke up with her like it’s not a normal thing to happen. Jake is 41 now don’t think he’s now more emotionally mature and wouldn’t you think after 11 years Taylor would be? I guess not. At least the performances were good and Sadie Sink with good direction could actually be a really good actor. Taylor Swift stans are probably the most annoying people on the internet. Also the filmmaking is so cookie cutter is mind blowing. Nothing interesting about it. Pretty Shit and also everyone saying Sending death threats to Jake Go Fuck Yourself

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