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This review may contain spoilers.

Kristen Stewart picking up a spider and releasing it without killing it? I DONT BELIEVE IT. THAT IS NOT PART OF THE LOGANTASY.

Real talk this movie doesnt really wait to build things up. Like not even 5 mins start the main event happens and I appreciate that because I like it when a movie jumps straight to the point. The slo-mo scenes were so nicely edited. That's cinema! There is this scene where they find this thing which looks exactly like it was shot out of alien. I truly felt nostalgia even tho I erm.... only watched alien like 3 months ago... and erm never watched the rest. BUT I SAID WHAT I SAID BITCH💀 there are other scenes where it pays homage to gravity (2013) it felt like those 2 movies had a baby and it was born underwater.🤷🏻‍♂️

Here's my main problem with this movie... I know these type of movies will always have a comic relief. And in this one his jokes seemed forced while also giving a lot of virgo chaotic energy. And I guess they could see that it wasnt working out, that's why he died barely an hour in. Just thought it was sloppy.

However when they arrive at the nest. ANXIETY KICKS IN. The ending is by far one of the most sentimental because a woman rescued everyone. And I appreciate bravery in a woman. She was a hero. And also the credits start rolling and it's realistic because the government truly try to get rid of any proof so they could avoid backlash. This is by far Kristen's best performance thus far. I was starting to lose hope after her twilight journey cause twilight really fucked her career up after that when she ended things with Rpatz

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