Duvidha ★★★★½

the first time in a long time where a movie ended and I said “wow, I want more of that. why is this so short?” so very lyrical, true poetry. visually, this is another stunning set of images from Kaul. the inclusion of still imagery, when it repeats itself (perhaps no more stunning example than the penultimate scene), was a brilliant touch. on paper, this premise might sound silly, and there’s no doubt that if this were in the hands of a lesser filmmaker it would’ve come off as such. here though, it comes off in a very haunting way. the more I think of how it ends, and how abrupt it is, the more mysterious it becomes. honestly going a half star above what I initially was feeling because I just know this is gonna A.) stick with me for some time, and B.) improve with future rewatches. I will say though, I wish we got more perspective from the bride’s POV, more of her thoughts.

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