Satantango ★★★★½

The day started cloudy, and calm, with a bit of a breeze. The breeze picked up, and then became harsh winds.

As the day went on, the winds continued, the clouds got darker, and a heavy rain punished the ground. 

In the end, night was closing in. All that’s left is the brief glimmer of scarce moonlight, reflecting off the wet pavement. 

...this not only is how the weather was here today, but could also serve as a summary of what Satantango was like to experience. 

I’d wondered, just as this ended, what exactly is there left to say about this film that hasn’t been said already? but for something so unique, everyone has their own thoughts after it's completed. 

so what I’ll say is that this film, somehow, manages to be highly captivating for a good majority of its 7.5 hour runtime. I’ll say that Tarr’s direction is perfect, hypnotic, and gives off an unsettling, alien presence. 

I’ll also say that i don’t care what tarr says in interviews and his insistence that the cat scenes were “fake”, or that the cat was “trained”. it’s still morally disgusting and unnecessary, and actively takes away from the rest of the film’s achievements. though, I do understand its purpose to the overall story, and how it emotionally defines the character of Estike, not to mention the importance of the emotional payoff that comes in the conclusion of that particular episode...but still. (it happens around the 3-hour mark and lasts until about 20 mins later, for anyone interested in the film but has heard about this and is worried)

yet, even with all that, this is an absolute monolith of cinema that justifies its rep. 

“But human life is rich, beautiful, filthy. It encompasses everything.”

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