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  • The Witch
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  • X



    Mia Goth trapped under the bed is how I feel when forced to watch heterosexuals on screen.

  • House of Gucci

    House of Gucci


    Not to sound like a creep but gaga's tits in the movie were inspirational to me. Like, she worked her tits and got Adam Driver, there is a lesson here somewhere.

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  • Pure



    Women wearing flower crowns while they are freed from oppressive men is the representational trend I never knew I needed until this year.

    Also a movie about female rage in a religious context where every man is a villain? Yes please.

  • Thelma



    As someone who is gay and was raised evangelical Christian by overly protective parents who concealed things from them, there were aspects of this film that made me uncomfortable by how much I related. The sci-fi elements of the story made the film even more layered and interesting. Lesbianism + the supernatural = a perfect film.