Gravity ★★★★½

Highs: Gravity is one of the most astonishing movie experiences I've had and it certainly lives up to its immense hype. Alfonso Cuarón's long awaited return to cinema resulted in this really thrilling, emotional and visually stunning film with some excellent performances. The great amount of suspenseful and unexpected scenes made me be on the edge of my seat at all times. It's a very unnerving film as you watch these people having to cope with so many extreme moments, being always in a life threatening situation. This story is essentially about hope and survival, testing the limits of the human body and psyche. I have to confess I was a bit skeptical about Sandra Bullock being the protagonist at first. However, she completely proved me wrong here and gave the best female performance I've seen this year. I could genuinely feel her character's pain in moments of total despair, but Bullock also perfectly balances them with short periods of relief and hopefulness. George Clooney was also great as the veteran astronaut who does his best to not only stay alive but guide his companion and these two share a moment that was truly remarkable and moving. Finally, I usually couldn't care less about the 3D (except when it elevates the quality of the movie like in Avatar and Hugo), but it really made a difference this time, being a fantastic tool to make the film even more immersive.

Lows: Nothing major.

Verdict: Gravity is undoubtedly one the best space films ever made and is everything you would hope for from such a talented director like Cuarón. The special effects as well as the score are phenomenal and the acting is simply top-notch. It's not just a sci-fi that relies on its visuals, but it is also a very emotionally engaging experience.

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