Schindler's List ★★★★½

One of the most powerful films I’ve seen about The Holocaust. Schindler’s List not only shows us the barbarities of war in a very realistic as well as disturbing manner, but it is also a testament of hope and perseverance in this dark period. Steven Spielberg’s earnest direction, accompanied by a brilliant screenplay from Steve Zaillian provide the viewer an experience that can be both devastating and uplifting. The film has one of the most touching endings I’ve seen, being nearly impossible not to get emotional by then. The performances are very strong and Liam Neeson is truly astonishing portraying Oskar Schindler, exposing how he is moved by greed initially and gradually starts to really care for the Jews. As usual, John Williams presents us with a magnificent score, being another high point of the film. Schindler’s List is undoubtedly one of Spielberg’s best works and a must-see!

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