Sunset Boulevard ★★★★½

This might be the greatest performance I've ever seen from an actress. Gloria Swanson is simply magnificent here and I kept getting mixed feelings from her character throughout the film as she can be vulnerable, manipulative, caring and obsessive, always imposing a strong screen presence. Sunset Boulevard is a masterful work on all fronts. From the technical standpoint, there are some very creative and stylish shots like the underwater pool sequence and the majestic closing scene. There's also strong character development as you notice how one's preconceptions towards the other can easily change as the story progresses and the dynamics between them also evolves. Even the secondary characters are memorable and lead to interesting turn of events. Another aspect I really enjoyed was the meticulous narration by Joe Gillis. He gives a detailed description of his thinking process and the presence of witty humor constantly made the film a very entertaining as well as absorbing watch. Sunset Boulevard works brilliantly as a metaphor to the end of an era in Hollywood and is certainly deserving of its cult status.

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