The Place Beyond the Pines

The Place Beyond the Pines ★★★½

I finally had the chance to see The Place Beyond the Pines in theaters and while I admire its ambition, it still couldn't achieve greatness in my opinion. Without spoiling anything, this film can be divided into three segments. The first one is focused on Luke Glanton's story, exploring this character's background, the reason why he starts robbing banks and the emotional conflicts he needs to handle with the sudden knowledge of his newborn child. The second chapter explores a rookie cop called Avery Cross, who has many aspirations and is surrounded by a corrupt police force. I was pretty invested in their stories and I liked how they connected with each other.

Now the last segment, which is the big surprise here, was moving and had its moments, but I found it to be too far-fetched so it didn't really cause that much of an impact for me. The third act is also long and after you start realizing where it's heading, you will either feel very impressed and involved or find it a bit too imaginative for its own good. Bradley Cooper and Ryan Gosling gave very good performances as the leads as well as the other actors so no complaints whatsoever there. Overall, director and writer Derek Cianfrance did a solid drama here, being not only touching at times, but also intense with the motorcycle and car chase sequences, which were always very realistic and full of adrenaline.

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