There Will Be Blood ★★★★½

There Will Be Blood tells the story of Daniel Plainview (Daniel Day-Lewis), an ordinary miner who ends up building an oil extraction empire. It is essentially a story about greed and power. I was impressed by how the director captured all the nuances of the characters and their intentions. There are some pretty intense moments through the film, which never ceases to be intriguing and compelling due to Paul Thomas Anderson's masterful writing and direction. The dialogs are very sharp and he achieves the perfect balance of drama, black humor and suspense in this film.

As for the acting, it was simply phenomenal. Both of the main stars Daniel Day-Lewis and Paul Dano are in top form and give their best effort here. It's amazing how Day-Lewis portrays his character so emotionally involved. In the beginning, Plainview is an ambitious hard working man who develops into a paranoid and lonely individual, tormented by greed. This transformation is realistic and believable thanks to Daniel Day-Lewis's heartfelt performance. Paul Dano as Eli Sunday, the preacher who gets in the way of Daniel's rise to power, is also very engaging. He is the complete opposite of Daniel in many ways, building a strange relationship that leads to the movie's intense climax ending. I can't recommend There Will Be Blood enough and I think the movie deserved all of the awards and recognition it received.

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