Guardians of the Galaxy ★★★★½

Marvels steps out of the box

Guardians of the Galaxy is unlike anything Marvel has ever done. Many considered Thor a gamble, but the majority took place on earth with human characters but Guardians is full on cosmic craziness and it fully embraces it.

This movie is amazing, and it works on so many level. First off the humour is spot on. Chris Pratt was the perfect choice for Star lord and brings a much needed silliness. And then theres the soft side. Guardians has an incredible amount of heart. if you didn’t feel anything in those final scenes you are dead inside.

With these team up movies you normally get some characters who are sidelined. But surprising every character has their time to shine. While they work as a whole, its the little interactions between characters that sell me on their relationships and the reasons they are now a team.

the Avengers always felt like they united for a common threat while with the guardians they united because they care about each other. It feels there like family.

It seems Marvel is just getting better and better. I guess we will find out if thats actually true with Age of Ultron.

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