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Favorite films

  • Fallen Angels
  • Whiplash
  • Silvia Prieto
  • Boogie Nights

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  • Little Women


  • Split


  • Ringu


  • Scream VI


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  • Scream VI

    Scream VI



    tyler gillett and matt bettinelli-olpin create one of the best entries in the entire scream franchise and do it flawlessly! more laughs, more violently gruesome murders, more suspense, and more plot twists— it’s as near as perfect as the first. melissa barrera’s performance improves drastically opposed to the last film, accompanied with jenna ortega’s sublime acting making both sam’s character and the dynamic between her and tara a million times more…

  • TÁR



    unhinged women in film we love you

    cate blanchett delivers an outstanding performance while portraying one of the most cruel yet enthralling characters to hit the big screen in years. the visuals are ethereal and suck you right in paired with its eerie silence and symbolism. todd field manages to not only perfect this, but also perfects a whiplash for lesbians!!! werk. the generational clash between lydia and her students highlight the current time perfectly along with setting the tone…

Popular reviews

  • Missing



    unfriended if it had a younger, more gorgeous sister

    a bit slow as the story progresses in the first act but definitely an unexpected slay. nia long delivers a strong performance alongside storm reid who shows us once again the bitch can cry like no one’s business! something worth noting is the depiction of internet culture towards true crime or pop culture in general was extremely realistic and accurate to 2023, which was nice for a change. full of suspense…

  • Fargo



    god i wish minnesota was real

    the meandering dialogue, farcical accents, beautiful cinematography and cozy brown tones don’t cover half of what makes this film amazing. the coen brothers do extremely well at giving each character some sort of relatability for the audience (margie and norm adopt me challenge..) managing to let them be down to earth despite the violently humorous chaos suffocating them all in their small town of brainerd. ah jeez it seems i completely understand the cult following for fargo now