Eternals ★★★

Eternals is a wholly ambitious entry in the MCU, that stands out from everything else in the franchise. The imagery is gorgeous, the performances are great and the action sequences, while minimal, impressed me. While I commend Chloé Zhao for bringing something different, this left me feeling a bit cold at times. There is an overabundance of exposition throughout, which drags the film down big time through the snail-like pace. Adding on to that, there is a lot cramped into this and it has an almost three hour-long runtime. It would’ve benefited greatly had this been a limited series.

With all that said, there are many moments I loved here and I’m proud that this wasn’t your by-the-numbers Marvel movie. I was hoping to love this as a fan of Zhao and Nomadland, but this is far from being the worst entry in the series.

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