Bodies Bodies Bodies

Bodies Bodies Bodies ★★★★

Stan twitter is going to love and use one liners from this film for sure. This is definitely going to be a cult classic or at the very least the perfect satire to represent the cringiness of the more entitled side of gen z. Also, anyone from gen z who has ever had to deal with a fake, toxic friend group/relationship will definitely get flashbacks from the tension created in this movie. I definitely did. 

Also, seeing Pete Davidson without any tattoos was interesting to say the least and the amount of drugs those kids did terrified me.

Overall it was a decent movie! Some scenes were a dragging on a little bit too long, but maybe that was in comparison to the very chaotic scenes to create tension. I loved the use of practical lighting. I also thought the writing was well done.

also a slayyyter song played, very based. <3

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