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  • Big Fan

    Big Fan


    Patton Oswalt gives a brave performance as self described Number One Fan of the New York Giants. 35 year old Paul Aufiero lives with his mother in Staten Island, selling parking lot tokens during the day, and calling in to radio sports shows at night, when he shines as "Paul from Staten Island." During the weekend he and best friend, Sal, played by Kevin Corrigan, hang out in the parking lot at Giants Stadium, where they watch the game on…

  • The Giant Claw

    The Giant Claw


    One of the most unintentionaly funny movies I've ever seen. And absolute WORST movie monster ever created for film! The best way I can describe it is imagine if Sesame Street's Big Bird had a hillbilly cousin with bad teeth named Cletus. That's the so called Giant Claw. Best watched with friends and some iced down beer. So bad it's good.

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  • The Sand Pebbles

    The Sand Pebbles


    Overdrawn epic starring the late, great Steve McQueen, who carries the 3 hour long movie on his back. The man was that good. Anyone else in his role and the movie's a stinker.

  • Prisoners



    Gets better every time I see it. Jake Gyllenhal steals the show from a stellar cast by emersing himself into the role of Dectective Loki. A single-minded, eye twitching, antisocial cop, who always gets his man. While pissing off everyone in the process it seems. Hugh Jackman plays the father of an abducted young girl who'll do anything to get her back. Including murder, if it comes to it. The two protagionists predictably butt heads from the get-go. At first…