Queen: Hungarian Rhapsody - Live In Budapest ★★★★★

I was fortunate to see the remastered release of this concert on the big screen back in 2012. Me and less than a handful of others watched in amazement at how amazing this concert looked and sounded.

This time, at home watching on Blu-Ray, it's still fucking amazing! This concert was shot during the same A Kind Of Magic Tour of 1986. Yes, they do most of the same set list as Live At Wembley but you need to check this concert out if you haven't. I think they almost sound better than Wembley. Queen at their peak! The only drawback of this concert is that it seems a little cool toned in the colors. But that's just me being a nit picky woman. lol

Queen is, was and will always be my favorite band. They can do no wrong! :)