The Phantom Carriage

The Phantom Carriage ★★★★★

A desolate take on Dickens' "A Christmas Carol" that's gushing with gothic imagery and sheer marvels of early filmmaking. There were times where the visual literacy was so rich that I felt that this was a recent film that's emulating the look of silent films.

I haven't seen many silent films (mainly Chaplin movies and one "horror" film, with the exception of Battleship Potemkin) mostly due to the fact that I feared most of them would be sluggish and dated.

And boy, did this film show me how wrong I was.

One thing I want to highlight was the Insanely bewitching soundtrack, that's apparently different from the one shown around release. As it goes, there was a score by Matti Bye in 2007 and a new one by the electronic music duo "KTL". I heard the Bye version and after listening to some of the KTL version online, I can respect the ominous and ambient approach that really furthers the bleak nature of the film. But the version I watched managed to compliment the more human aspects of the film. I will definitely be revisiting the KTL version on a full watch, but all in all, the Matti Bye score was out of this world.

Bottom-line this movie left me feeling equal parts jumped-up and excited as well as reflective and melancholic. Sublime cinema. *chef's kiss*

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