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This review may contain spoilers.

So now that WandaVision is all over, I’ll put my thoughts and feelings into a long review.

Firstly, I'm so glad we got to see the full extent of Wanda's capabilities. It felt like only yesterday she was just a teenager crushing wood blocks with her magic fingers. Here, Wanda became all sorts of things: a widow, a housewife, a mother and now the scarlet witch. After this show I think we can all agree that she’s one of the most toughest heroes in the MCU. So tough that I found it rather sad that she exiled herself out in the middle of nowhere, considering that she lived her life knowing nothing but loss and pain. You may not agree with me here, but after everything we’ve seen her go through, I believe that Wanda Maximoff is the strongest and most selfless Avenger in the MCU. (Fuck steve rogers and friends, aint nobody looking at that fossil.)

The beginnings of WandaVision had me excited because I felt her happiness radiate from the screen, the same way I felt her loss when it ended. I grew attached to the characters the same way television and sitcoms make you cheer for their protagonists. It was escapism, it was television at its finest and at its heart. I forgot about all my troubles when watching WandaVision, same way Wanda used the show to escape from her own grief. I’m grateful I got to share that with her as a character and I think Marvel understands this too.

Now let’s talk about Wanda’s suit!! Her Scarlet Witch suit was really impressive. It resembled an Avengers version of her iconic comic-book outfit and I’m glad she finally has one. She never got to have an iconic superhero suit like the other Avengers did which annoyed me. So seeing her in fabulous crimson leather satisfied me very much, and I wholeheartedly believe that she killed that look. 

The fight scene between the two witches was quite a spectacle too, and to me, Agnes was underwhelming as a villain but I like how she really pushed The Scarlet Witch idea to the limit. Kathryn Hahn understood the assignment. I'm curious about what happened to White Vision and whether or not he and Wanda will reunite after her big fuckup in Westview. 

Lastly, I want to see Carol and Monica interactions. WandaVision really did a great job setting up Monica's character so I get the feeling we'll be seeing more of her later.

After following this show and enjoying every twist and creative flare it brought to the table, I’m sad to see it go. Though I have a new appreciation for Wanda and Vision as a couple now and I felt the reasoning behind Wanda's intentions and her grief. I just wish she didn’t have to sacrifice so much for other people. After that last shot, I kinda doubt that.

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