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  • Lost in America

    Lost in America


    "You remind me of everything I hate."
    "I believe you! I believe you and I understand. I understand!"

  • Miami Vice

    Miami Vice


    I think how one feels about this film hinges on how one takes the dual romances. If they strike as profound and meaningful to the story, the reaction tends to be rapturous. If it hits as rote and too vague to have an impact, then it's "yes this is a masterpiece of digital filmmaking, but..."

    I come down in the middle—Foxx and Harris' relationship feels real and hooks you effectively, sending you right into their feedback loop life of occupational…

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  • Baby Driver

    Baby Driver


    Stunned at how bad this was and how much time was spent litigating why Baby has earbuds in his ears and "wutzzee lissenin to?!" over and over and over and over WHY ARE WE NOT IN A FUCKING CAR HAVING A CAR CHASE.

    This was a *bad* movie. Bad.

    The characters were non-existent, and not in the way that an action movie will give blank slates to project onto, or simply rely on a classic "type" and the audience fills…

  • Mad Max: Fury Road

    Mad Max: Fury Road


    Wealthy men controlling women's bodies and fostering inhumane living conditions vis a vis some glib performative religion predicated on control from a grotesque, awful, messianic fascist with a profoundly dumb and conniving coterie of heirs; the disruption of which causing retribution and pursuit from the oil and gun lobbies. Proud war boys running around keeping it all in line while the poor and indigent have been made incapable of seeing themselves being held down, regarding perfunctory doling out of basic rights as heroic acts of grace.

    This movie came out in 2015.