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This review may contain spoilers.

Man, what a buzz kill. The risky stuff paid off, but the jokes, the structure and the running time threw me off balance. It was almost like every minute had a great 30 seconds and a bad 30 seconds. 

The twist with Snoke was great, the special effects not so much; the sacrifice of the Resistance ship was visually awesome, but didn’t have any lasting impact; Luke’s return and projection a shock, but the realisation that Kylo can’t tell the difference between ghost and person is puzzling. The nice surprise of Kylo sparing Leia to then watch a rotten sequence where she pulls her body through space. The struggle of the Resistance trying to escape a cunning First Order, but the outcome being the FO slowly following them for a whole day. 

Everything in Finn and Rose’s side story could be cut and the film wouldn’t have changed an ounce. I did like Rose’s addition though, but they really don’t know what to do with Finn after the first film. Why he knows every single piece of FO equipment by sight alone is a puzzle. 

The idea, the core idea, about the old being surpassed by the young is important and in many ways would’ve worked better in the first film in the series, replacing the hero worship of Han Solo in TFA. Luke’s almost murder of Ben fits with the impulsiveness of the earlier films, but the odd moments of humour didn’t mesh with this despairing and hopeless hermit. The film also rips open the idea of the hero and the selfless act, revealing that every victory has a cost, and sometimes the cost is too high. I loved that, but the fact they bring it up 3/4 times less so. We got it. 

The good and the bad intermingle so much that by the end I couldn’t understand what I’d just seen. The boldness of the direction and the visual splendour is undoubtable, but the script and some of the performances lost their sheen. The novelty and quality of TFA helped to pave over any major issues, but Driver spends a lot of time moaning, Riley shouts a fair amount and The BB8 Stuff was Clone Wars bad. 

I really hope that on a second watch I can get over myself and just relax into it, Rogue One wasn’t an instant favourite too. One big positive is that the next film will be free of a lot of baggage and has the freedom to do something amazing. I predict a leap forward in time, used to built the resistance, write out Leia and mature Ren and Rey.

The Yoda scene was great though. I could’ve watched that Luke all the way through, not the weird, winking Luke at the end.

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