American Honey

American Honey ★★★★★

Succinctly put: breathtaking.

My continued interest in and love for film, as a mode of creative expression, and my sustained belief in the potential for innovating the filmmaking process is fuelled by films like this.

If I could emmulate the work of any working director right now it would be andrea arnold. she captures rare spirit, that's what I love about her films: her leads are deeply imbued with spirit, wild and willing.

It sounds corny to talk so boldly but I truly fall in love with new things around me after watching a film like this. I have renewed gratitude for every one of my senses. arnold sets worlds ablaze. I am in constant awe.

the most important thing for me to say is that I am thankful for this movie - I don't think that's a common feeling.

oh, and the SOUNDTRACK!??!! Lord almighty, was that ever expertly curated?! the mazzy star moment was possibly my favourite cinema/song combo of the last five years.

*** I was just looking up the DP because, in addition to everything praised above: THIS MOVIE'S PHOTOGRAPHY IS TO DIE FOR, and robbie ryan (who has DPed all her movies) went to IADT. That's right the college up the street from my house where my uncle works at, where multiple of my friends currently go to and where I would have pursued filmmaking had i stayed in dublin. I'm shook. there's something prophetic here, some magic is at play...

p.s. i like this write up -

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