The Matchmaker

The Matchmaker ★★★★★

Whereas modern romantic comedies' insights on the difference between men and women boil down to little more than "Hey! Women fart too!", a movie like THE MATCHMAKER (based on a Thornton Wilder play which is also the basis for HELLO, DOLLY!) turns the nuances of the variances of the sexes into comedy gold built on smart observations.

What's great about this movie is the brilliant characters brought to life by a stellar cast. Shirley Booth is phenomenal as Dolly, Shirley MacLaine is beyond adorable, Anthony Perkins is an irresistibly hopeful and totally handsome little troublemaker and Paul Ford is great as the curmudgeonly Horace Vandergelder. The real standout for me, though, is Perkins' sidekick-in-adventure, Barnaby as played by Robert Morse. I immediately looked up his filmography after the movie as I'm dying to see more of his goofball shtick and was shocked to learn he is none other than Bertram Cooper on "Mad Men"!

Everything clicks here, it's hilarious and smart and full of characters with whom you'll absolutely love spending time! It's the opposite of everything I hate about modern romantic comedies.