Your Name Engraved Herein

Your Name Engraved Herein ★★★½

Idk how to say this but this movie SOUNDS so satisfying and good to me. From the score, to the pebbly pavement and the grand crashing of waves. The colours were muted and pleased my eyes so much. I will never forget that scene after they had the confrontation in A-Han’s living room where they were just biking. I thought that was so perfect. I was weeping from the sheer beauty and emotion of it. 

I thought the leads were both so breathtakingly beautiful too. Birdy is one hell of a character.  They had great chemistry together. Seeing them onscreen side by side just feels so right. That being said, I really wish they concluded the movie with a bolder ending. 

I felt that it was unnecessary that they capped it off in Canada when Taiwan makes more emotional and logical sense especially since Taiwan had just recently made same-sex marriages legal. I didn’t feel the need for A-Han and Birdy’s love to be anchored on Father Oliver’s validation/arc. A-Han and Birdy’s love should have been allowed to speak for itself.

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