Drive ★★★★★

The first time I saw Drive was in sophomore year when I had a really big crush on a boy who really loves film. I think he said he really liked this movie, so that same day I went home and watched it on my iPhone 5. Yes you heard it right, folks! The first time I saw this masterpiece was on my tiny iPhone 5 screen.

I don't remember my exact thoughts while watching it the first time, but I remember the excitement. At this point I had already seen The Social Network, I understood that film is an art to be appreciated, but Drive took it further for me. Drive made me realize I want to work with film, I want to create the exact same feelings this movie gave me to other people. I was in awe from the second this started to the second it ended; I just couldn't wrap my head around the fact that an actual human being created something so breathtaking.

From that day I became a film fanatic and I remember telling everybody I knew that they just /had to/ watch this; that this movie was something beyond words. I slowly started to pride myself in the fact that I was becoming someone people associated with movies, the one people asked for recommendations.

The Social Network made me see film in a different light, but Drive made me want to create. And with those two movies together I feel complete. That giddiness you get from rewatching specific scenes? That is what I want to create for others to experience. The having to replay certain moments over and over just because you just can't wrap your head around them you're in so much awe.

Another aspect of this movie that just stands out so much to me is the soundtrack. The song Nightcall has been a constant in my life since I first saw this years ago and now I associate it with one of the happiest memories of my life: going to San Diego with my older brother. While my brothers don't care for this movie, they love the soundtrack and through that we bonded even more. Our music tasted expanded together and I couldn't ask for a cooler way to get to know my brothers better.

I'd like to thank that boy I had a crush on in sophomore year cause if he hadn't said anything I fear I would have never found this part of myself entirely. Drive ... I just can't find the words to fully describe just how much it means to me but I hope this review gave yall a little idea of how much love I have for filmmaking because of it.

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