Star Wars: Episode I - The Phantom Menace

i think watching this only two days after watching the masterpiece that is return of the jedi made this film even more underwhelming. 

i’m gonna be honest, i didn’t really have a clue what was going on, and i didn’t pay much attention. i saw “taxation” in the little descriptiony bit at the start and instantly knew this was not going to be original-trilogy-level. 

baby anakin was super cute. great to see my golden robo boy c3po even if he was lacking in the ‘golden’ department. 

jar jar binks isnt THAT bad you guys. sure he’s annoying and i dont understand why he was there, but the poor actor almost killed himself ok jar jar isnt THAT BAD. 

my mum never fails to tell me how she went to america to see this movie (it released over there 2 months before the uk) and she was so disappointed by it lmao.

are these ‘prequels’ necessary? like, 4,5&6 is such a great, cohesive story i dont want or need to know what happened before that. 

anyway. i dont really want to watch episode 2 or 3 now,, uh

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