Star Wars: Episode II - Attack of the Clones ★★½

“you’ve changed so much”
“you haven’t changed at all”
yes thank you for pointing that out. do they think i dont notice this? anakin’s aged 10 years and padme looks exactly the same? the force is strange with this one. 

anyway. c3po and r2d2 were so GOOD here despite their (criminally) limited screen time. 
c3po: *having his head dragged along the floor by r2d2* this is such a drag!!!


also, that fight at the end between the white bearded man and yoda was so unfair. yoda was giving his ALL his flips and tricks and practically break dancing while the old man just flicks his saber around? ok 

terribly written script, cringey acting, too much CGI, however i would much, MUCH rather watch this than Phantom Menace. at least i had fun with this one.

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