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This review may contain spoilers.

Black & White Version

I’ve been on the Bong train for years. I was like a crazed sidewalk preacher, spreading the word about Memories of Murder and The Host. I couldn’t be happier about his Oscar, and since Parasite is already one of my favorite films of 2019, seeing the black & white version was a no brainer.

Apparently the b&w version was cut before the film even premiered. Director Bong and his team went over every single shot, color grading and making sure the film looked perfect. And it does. I’ve read that Bong really wanted the textures to be the thing of focus in this version, and he succeeded. There is definitely a high contrast between the gloss of the rich family and the grime of the poor family. But for me, the lack of color allowed me to pay more attention to the masterful ensemble blocking.

Narratively, the thing that stuck out to me most was the film’s coda. On my initial viewing I thought it was an interesting conversation starter but superfluous to the theme. This time it absolutely crushed me. It’s a perfect summation of the theme and is heartbreaking in character. Go figure.

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