Cemetery Man

Cemetery Man ★★★★½

"At a certain point in life, you realize you know more dead people than living."

Well this fucking owned. Absolutely glorious Friday night flick, a completely ridiculous zombie sendup with a smoldering, miserable, monologuing Rupert Everett at the center. I have no idea who Michele Soavi is but he directs the hell out of this, so many remarkable shots. Pretty much every scene is either funny or visually clever or gnarly or all three at once, with just enough meat on the bones (heh) via Everett's philosophical musings on death or a running sideplot of self-interested politicians uninterested in solving the zombie problem to be more than just a farce, and I'm guessing will be rewarding on rewatches.

The plot is insane but somehow holds all these threads together, one of those movies where I can actually say I never knew where it was going next and one of those even rarer movies where that's a full compliment. Batshit hysterical ending too. Watch this!

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