Crazy Heart

Crazy Heart ★★

Desperately wanted to give this a better score due to the presence of Bridges, Farrell, Maggie G and Duvall, who are all perfectly fine but just in service of painfully bland and cliche material. Those calling this a poor man's Star is Born are in the right as both the highs and lows are terribly muted for a movie about alcoholism and the romance with Maggie G is preposterous from the start.

The music and concert scenes are pretty good I suppose but any fellow Yellowstone watchers will know that Ryan Bingham is one of the worst actors alive. Kind of wild Bridges won for this as even his performance seems pretty mailed in even if he can't help but be charming. Rounding down because this has the ingredients of a movie I should love or at least declare underrated, and instead I sat stonefaced through the whole runtime, not good.

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