F9 ★★

I knew this one wasn't going to be my jam when it didn't open with a setpiece but with a flashback to fucking stock car racing - lame. Some people like the Familia stuff or whatever but for me a little bit goes a long way and I was rolling my eyes by the third flashback, and while I'll admit it's cool to see Han I wasn't getting the same buzz for seeing Lil Bow Wow.

F&F works best when there's a foil hamming it up who can play off Vin's hilarious deadpan seriousness through it all, but Cena - who can be funny! - plays it even straighter than Vin, presumably because of the Toretto mystique I guess, but it just makes for an incredibly boring antagonist and movie. Took until the final setpiece to get me hooting and hollering which is unforgivable for a F&F movie.

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