Old ★★★

Absolutely excruciating first 20/30 minutes, where quite literally every single shot and line of dialogue is about growing old, or looking toward the future, or some other wink and nod toward the camera, culminating in M. Night's token director cameo that's the most absurd one since Lady in the Water.

Unsurprisingly, once they get to the beach and people actually start getting Old, it's a lot better, when his complete incapacity for subtlety works in the film's favor. The central conceit is so strong - all the thrills/scares provided by mundane realities of aging - and M. Night's self-belief is so powerful that it manages to bulldoze through the many, many dumb snippets of dialogue or plot contrivances. This probably should have been better but I'm still glad he's making movies like this.

Reminded me a bit of one of my favorite sci-fi short stories which I definitely recommend for people who enjoyed the concept.

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