The Double Life of Véronique

The Double Life of Véronique ★★★

for some reason i've been thinking alot lately about the doppelganger trope and what a common but effective means it can be to explore psychological concepts like imposter syndrome or schizophrenia. with The Double Life of Veronique, the device is front and center with the Polish Weronika and the French Veronique, but i still wasn't really sure to what ends for most of the movie.

stylistically this is a gorgeous, poetic movie that strikes an intriguing and mysterious tone and i ultimately came around to its message of the vague unspoken connection between living things.* while i'd say i enjoyed this more as a mood piece than a movie i'd be happy to see if a rewatch revealed more of its intent.

*both this theme and the overarching sense that your life is being guided by some mysterious hand also reminded me of, more recently, Upstream Color and Personal Shopper

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