The Happiness of the Katakuris

The Happiness of the Katakuris ★★★½

"Man is a weak and lonely thing / so until we finally close our eyes / let's live to laugh and dance"

Wacky Japanese musical spoof replete with Celebrity Deathmatch-style claymation sequences about a misfit little family that just wants to run a bed-and-breakfast and maybe fall in love but everyone just keeps dying around them, as they tend to do. As a musical, the tunes are pretty great while the lyrics and dance numbers are so goofy and most importantly earnest - i.e. you have to understand the lyric at the top is crooned among a bunch of dancing zombies - that they start off comedic and somehow circle back around to genuinely touching by the end. At this fever pitch, it maybe overstays its welcome for 20 or so minutes for me, but just have to love something so proudly strange and joyful.

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