The Spook Who Sat by the Door

The Spook Who Sat by the Door ★★★★

"We force whitey to make a choice between the two things which he seems to dig most of all: there is no way the United States can police the world and keep us on our ass, too."

Pointed, nuanced spy / blaxploitation flick about the CIA's "token" first black recruit who uses his government training to foment an actual revolution. Particularly in the first half, it's often very funny, wringing tons of comedy from bureaucratic hypocrisy and pandering, and their obliviousness to how blatant those are to everyone i.e. assigning Dan as the "Reproduction Section Chief" (copy machine steward) in an effort to tick off their diversity quota.

There's a few stilted scenes along the way but in the latter half it doesn't shy away from the uglier truths about what those politicians really think, nor does it shy away from asking difficult questions like whether it's worth it to learn the mindset of your oppressor, or showing the necessary toll of any real revolution. Oh yeah, Herbie Hancock does the soundtrack too so it's a certified slapper. This is very good.

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