Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone

Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone ★★★½

Just some quick thoughts before I skip Chamber of Secrets and officially rank these bad boys, because you guys seem to like the format.

-CGI honestly better than I remembered, I feel like everyone gives it an immediate bad rap but there are some really impressive scenes (castle establishing shots, STAIRCASE introduction still gives me chills)

-I still think it’s really impressive how Williams easily translates his score to scene- I hear this music just on Spotify and it’s easily identifiable that it’s from this movie during a specific part. Something so classic and Spielbergian about it (oh, yeah, the irony), but as much as I don’t prefer the Chris Columbus ones, still great.

-Oliver Wood used to be such a bae. shame he couldn’t be in more movies

-You can always tell what voices were added in post, because Radcliffe’s voice is significantly lower when he’s flying on a broomstick than when he’s talking with his friends. Puberty is problematic.

-Really shocking that Rupert Grint was the best of the child actors in the film considering how lax he was about acting in the long run. Apparently he auditioned with a rap about Harry Potter though, and I honestly think that amount of personality in an 11 year old acts as a replacement for talent at that point.

-I find it very funny how the sorting hat asserts that Harry has “not a bad mind” when he is literally the most Captain Obvious character of all time.

Saw the SNL Harry Potter Growth Spurt skit right before I watched this and it kind of messed up my perception of the film, but I fucking love Rachel Dratch. What happened to her???

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