To All the Boys: P.S. I Still Love You ★★

Notes!!!! (Spoilers)

-pretty much everything Noah Centineo says during their date is white noise. Nothing was intelligent, nothing was witty

-Does this girl have homework? How does she have time to make crafts and bake and have family dinners and volunteer and have good style and still maintain her good grades tf

-never thought I’d say it, but this movie has too many euphemisms 

-all the « high school » boys in this movie look 30

-Anyone with a name like John Ambrose is bound to be sexy

-who tf let Maddie Ziegler in this movie 

- who tf decided it would be a good idea to sing an a cappella version of Ocean Eyes

-if Noah calls it « jumping » when she kissed him one more time I’ll end it all

- « I want it that way » sung by people other than Andy Samberg and the criminal lineup is bad

-okay you know what I’ll give this movie credit for having good child look-alikes

-Peter plagiarizes !!!! Immediate expulsion from school 

-Lara Jean is actually very relatable and I appreciate how she it written 

-chemistry was more palpable with the gay guy then Peter let’s be real 

« I don’t want to have sex with you right now » queen of being up front

-how does John Ambrose not know she’s dating Peter literally look on Instagram don’t be thick my guy
Peter is a racist 

Can her little sister worry about her own life for like two seconds???


« You guys ordered ‘za??? »

-Peter is racist towards people who stutter

OF COURSE Peter plays lacrosse, like honestly 

An acoustic version of girls just wanna have fun is just as bad as it sounds

None of these people in the old people’s home are old enough to be in an old people’s home

We waited an hour and fifteen minutes for them to kiss goddamn it and it’s a sad kiss

They really just said they love each other 🤢🤢🤢🤮🤮

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