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This review may contain spoilers.

Peele is 3 for 3 ladies and gents (in reference to fan tweeting him that and Peele responding with an amazing John Carpenter comment)

There's a reason all the popular reviews are marked with spoilers, cause it's hard to talk about the film without including the juicy, horrifying details.

Yes, this is Peele telling his own alien invasion story, and the design is about as classic and old school as you can get, the silver flying saucer look. But as with every other story he's told, he's got his unique spin on the matter that makes a refreshing experience and a truly horrifying one at that.

Right off the bat the biggest plus is having Hoyte van Hoytema shooting this, this is his first return to horror since Let the Right One In, and this time he brings over his Christopher Nolan working experience to the table. As we get lots of great solid bold color work as if Peele is trying to express some Kubrick appreciation and some amazing wide shot work. With it being a story about aliens you better have a good sense of scope, and with this being the extremely rare mid-budget film (68 million dollars nonetheless).

And some of the most frightening stuff isn't just from the aliens, there's an underlying event in this film about a tv called Gordy's Home that had me recoiling back in my seat a bit, and had me thinking of a certain real-life event that happened back in 2009. And the eventual reveal of what this ship does to the people it abducts, which leads into an amazing survival horror moment where our characters are hunkering down wherever they are to hide from this saucer, and the last 40 minutes being one big mission in the daylight to try and destroy this thing. I do kinda question why the music kinda kicks in with some Indiana Jones esque sounding notes in a more upbeat tone, but still, no further words can describe how awesome this film is.

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