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  • Led Zeppelin - The Song Remains the Same

    Led Zeppelin - The Song Remains the Same


    "Walking side-by-side with death, The devil mocks their every step, The snow drives back the foot that's slow, The dogs of doom are howling more..."

    As I'm sure I've mentioned before, I had a bit of a complicated relationship with my father for the biggest part of my almost 53 years. The relationship between his parents was not one that I ever considered all that loving unless one considers nitpicking a language of love, so I understand very well that…

  • Basic Instinct

    Basic Instinct


    "You're in over your head."
    "Maybe. But this is how I'll catch my killer."
    "I'm not going to confess all my secrets just because I have an orgasm. You won't learn anything I don't want you to know."
    "Yes, I will. Then I'll nail you."
    "Nah. You'll just fall in love with me."
    "I'm in love with you already. But I'll nail you anyway. You can put that in your book."

    I was still living in Brazil in 1992 when…

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  • The Equalizer 3

    The Equalizer 3


    "You like being in other people's business."
    "Trying very hard not to be, but you make it very challenging for me."
    "You should stay out of things that are not your concern. It's bad for you."
    "Lord knows I'm allergic to bad things. You know... I believe that everything in life... is about timing. Now, unfortunately for you, yours isn't very good. Three weeks ago we wouldn't be having this conversation, but I'm here now. I'm really beginning to like…

  • The Rapture

    The Rapture


    "How fast was I going?"
    "A hundred miles an hour."
    "A hundred miles an hour. If I'd have gone off a bridge and died, would I have gone to heaven?"
    "I don't know."
    "Neither do I."

    Um, there's a certain group of people who would buy into this movie, but the writer/director fills the first twenty minutes with material that would make that group get up and leave immediately, which makes me wonder what the point was. I mean, it's an interesting idea, but it makes no goddamn sense.

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  • Bride of Re-Animator

    Bride of Re-Animator


    "He's a wife beater, Dan! Use the gun!"

    I always love when Herbert makes these commands to Dan because he's clearly who should be in charge, despite the fact that everything he does leads to mass hysteria and he should be the last person to ever take advice from.

  • Nightcrawler



    "Why you pursue something is as important as what you pursue."

    Jake Gyllenhaal is creepiness personified in the character of Louis Bloom. He shares a number of personality traits with a certain Travis Bickle, but Lou learns fast. He does the research. He knows just enough to make himself very dangerous. To the people he works with. To the people he films. And to anyone who might get in the way of him getting his story. Even the story is…